COVID-19 pandemic: Truck drivers, handymen asked to follow protocols

Shillong Apr 8: In view of COVID-19 pandemic, Secretary to the Health and Family Welfare has issued an order on Wednesday on the need to put in place a protocol to be duly followed by truck drivers and handymen entering the State for transporting essential commodities.

The order stated that trucks will have to be disinfected at the entry point and at the entry point, drivers and handymen will be scanned and are to be provided with masks and hand sanitizers.

Registration has to be done at entry point by giving their full name, address, contact number, travel history for the last 14 days and whether having any symptoms of fever, cough, breathing difficulty.

The order also stated that drivers and handymen should provide the detailed purpose of entry along with destination and date of departure along with the name, address and phone number of owner and agency.

Driver and handyman are to carry packed food and no stoppages are allowed except in extreme circumstances. They should not come out of the vehicle except when they need to use the washroom which is available at petrol pumps and petrol pumps are to ensure that the washrooms are kept in clean condition with enough bleaching powder and running water.

Driver and handyman should stay at an identified place in case they require to stay for the night and to inform authorities concerned accordingly, for loading and unloading commodities, the agency concerned should make arrangements for the local labour available to assist them and they are to maintain hand hygiene, cough etiquette (wearing mask) and social distancing.

The order also stated that IEC materials in Hindi and Khasi are to be handed over to them for constant reference.

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