HBDRF seeks Govt’s intervention over Aadhaar enrollment along Meghalaya-Assam border

Shillong, Feb 14: The Hynñiewtrep Border Dispute Redressal Forum (HBDRF) has sought the intervention of the state government into the alleged attempt by the Assam police to disrupt the Aadhaar enrollment at Ummat village along the inter-state border with Assam.

Submitting a letter to the chief secretary, M S Rao, HBDRF senior spokesperson, Thomas Passah said, the Assam police have attempted to intimidate and disrupt the process of enrollment for Aadhaar being carried out by the district administration at Ummat village by force on Thursday.

He said they (Assam police) told the villagers that the enrolment for Aadhaar cannot be done by the Government of Meghalaya, as the area falls under the Karbi Anglong Autonomous District Council of Assam.

“These types of incidents are not new and strange; however, the people of Meghalaya are

being put to harassment like this from time to time, which we are strongly opposed to.,” Passah said.

He requested that necessary protection in the form of Meghalaya Police personnel be deployed during the enrolment being carried out to avoid any untoward incident(s).

He also reminded that on January 9, the Government of Assam has initiated a

programme for Aadhaar enrolment in the same village, which was opposed by the

villagers/Rangbah Shnong/Rangbah Dong.

Passah said that a written complaint was also submitted to the government through the chief secretary on January 10.

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