TMC alleges illegal coal mining in Meghalaya

Shillong, Jan 17: Upon receiving representations from GHADC members and local citizens, former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition, Dr. Mukul Sangma on Monday made a surprise visit to Eraaning Coal Depot to check on rampant illegal coal mining ongoing in Meghalaya.

After jointly visiting the area with members, petitioners and local citizens, Dr. Sangma said, “From the coal that is stacked in the ground, it is evident that dumping, loading and transportation is taking place. This area indicates that illegal coal mining is continuing at a large scale.”

On the basis of the coals stacked, the geologist from the representative body has also confirmed that it is mined recently.

Another MDC said, “We have found out that the complete modus operandi of running the transportation of coal is being facilitated by the government and the district authorities itself.”

Highlighting the apathy of the state government in preventing illegal coal mining, Dr. Sangma called upon the Government of India and the Judiciary to take congnizance of the large scale illegal coal mining happening across Meghalaya.

Demanding a court-monitored investigation, he emphasized how illegal coal mining is jeopardizing the state exchequers, district councills, and consequently people as it is done to evade regulations and taxes.


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