TMC candidate condemn Malngiang’s remark on religious leaders 

TMC candidate condemn Malngiang's remark on religious leaders

SHILLONG, APR 24: The Trinamool Congress (TMC) candidate from Sohiong constituency, Stoding Thabah today condemned the statement made by NPP candidate Samlin Malngiang on religious leaders at one of his political campaigns.

Speaking to media persons, Thabah alleged that the NPP candidate Samlin Malngiang in one of his campaigns has made ill statements against religious leaders of one particular faith, stating that pastors never practice what they preached.

The TMC Sohiong Block condemns the statement made by the NPP candidate and at the same time demands public apology for his statement. 

When asked, the TMC candidate expressed confidence in winning the Sohiong polls and he claimed that sympathy votes will not play a big role as the UDP candidate Synshar Kurbah was against late HDR Lyngdoh during the 2018 election.

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