TMC MP says corrupt MDA govt must be taught a lesson

TMC MP says corrupt MDA govt must be taught a lesson

SHILLONG, FEB 21: TMC MP Mahau Moitra on Tuesday said the corrupt government must be taught a lesson for failing to bring development in Meghalaya.

Speaking during the election campaigns held at Dalu and Mahendraganj, Moitra said that “If somebody told me that the house of the Chief Minister of Meghalaya is in Tura, I wouldn’t believe it because of the poor condition of the road leading to Tura from Rajabala. There are no proper roads from Tura to Dalu. The people who have to travel regularly suffer due to the poor state of the roads here,” said Moitra.

“As an Opposition MP, I know how difficult it is to get the work done. Mahendraganj MLA Dikkanchi D Shira’s road tender was cancelled by the NPP government. If tenders get cancelled, how will the road be constructed? NPP government failed to provide the money for the maintenance and repairing of the roads constructed during her previous tenure,” the parliamentarian said, adding that Trinamool Congress knows how to fight the establishment and continue working for the people.

“After witnessing the presence of such a massive crowd here, I know that on February 27, you are going to make us victorious. But I urge you to vote in large numbers and increase the margin [of our victory],” she said, amid cheers from the crowd.

Emphasising on Trinamool Congress Chairperson Mamata Banerjee’s vision of women empowerment, Mahua Moitra said, “After Mamata Didi came to power, she has tirelessly implemented women-centric schemes. She has worked to reduce the female -dropout rates and constructed proper toilets in the schools along with sanitary napkin vending machines. Children are now being provided with uniforms, books, stationery, and even food at the schools to ensure that the students coming from the poor families can continue their education.”

“Dr. Mukul Sangma is a two-time chief minister from the state. Yet, some people are spreading rumours over WhatsApp and other platforms about TMC. But the Congress headquarters is in Delhi. Congress Chief Mr. Mallikarjun Kharge is from Karnataka. It is okay for Congress to contest election in Meghalaya. It is okay for BJP [to contest elections] whose headquarters is in Nagpur and Delhi. Their chairperson and leaders are from Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. When all these parties can contest elections here, why do they have a problem only with Trinamool Congress. AITC is a national party just like BJP and Congress and we have the right to fight election everywhere. In Meghalaya, we are fighting the elections here under the leadership of Dr. Mukul Sangma, who is the son of the soil.”

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