Today’s politicians have self-centered agendas: Mukul Sangma

Mukul refutes report of him and 12 others joining TMC

Shillong Aug 11: Meghalaya TMC continues to strengthen its base across the three hills with their unflinching focus on grassroot-level mass outreach.

Meghalaya TMC leader Dr. Mukul Sangma today held a Block Committee formation meet along with launching the party’s membership drive in Shella, East Khasi Hills.

In the light of NPP’s recent claim for a single-handed majority in the upcoming assembly elections, Meghalaya TMC leader Dr. Sangma commented, “Today’s politicians have self-centered agendas. They want to be in power but not serve the people. The parties in the MDA are not going for a pre-poll alliance because the majority of the people want to see the alliance removed from the ruling dispensation. The MDA government is trying to divide the very powerful democratic force by putting multiple candidates from UDP, HSPDP, KHNAM in the same constituency.”

Dr. Sangma added, “The present ruling conglomerate had promised to fight for the interest of the people before the elections but what happened to the promises after the elections? Meghalaya TMC is the only credible option which is fighting against this unholy alliance.”

Elaborating on the previous disruption of the democratic process by the NPP, Dr. Sangma reminded, “After the election in 2018, leaders from Delhi flew to Shillong and elected Conrad Sangma as the Chief Minister; that happened when he didn’t even win the trust of the people as an MLA.”

Slamming the MDA government for their misgovernance, Dr. Sangma commented, “While in power, we wanted to develop Meghalaya into a hub of education and tourism. In 2011, from two existing government colleges, we built six. However, the education sector is a mess today. Various consulates and embassies of foreign countries are advising against traveling to Meghalaya. The SSA teachers, ASHA workers, MeECL workers, and single mothers are suffering under this government. Our state is a welfare state. Why have the policymakers of the ruling dispensation forgotten that?”

While the proxy-BJP MDA government continues to contemplate on ways to retain power rather than focusing on the substandard educational infrastructure, rising unemployment and infrastructural collapse in the state, Meghalaya TMC has shown its earnest sincerity by standing by the people.

With an united cadre, Meghalaya TMC pledges to work actively to fulfill their promises keeping the interests of the people as their topmost priority.

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