Tongkhar for working extra time on water supply project, says consumers should get right quantity

Tongkhar for working extra time on water supply project, says consumers should get right quantity

Shillong, Oct 5: Public Health Engineering Minister, Renikton Lyngdoh Tongkhar said the department will have to work extra time to ensure that household tap connection is provided to every rural household by 2022 and expressed his desire that the legal metrology department should serve the consumers and ensure they get the right quantity.

Tongkhar was recently inducted as the new minister of the MDA government.

“I will meet engineers of the department to discuss the matter and ensure that we do not waste this opportunity provided by the Central government through the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM),” Tongkhar told reporters on his first day in office on Monday.

He admitted that the progress of work is very slow in the state as far as the implementation of the mission is concerned, as so far, only 20,000 of 5 lakh rural households have been given connection.

“We are very slow when compared with other states in the country,” he said.

The minister said that he would soon hold a meeting to exclusively review the implementation of the mission as it is big task before the government to ensure the target is achieved by 2022. “I am hopeful that by next month, things will be in full swing,” he said.

He said all factors contributing to the slow pace of work will be identified and accordingly rectified. The minister also urged the engineers to take ownership of the mission for the interest of the people and the state.

“I want them to take full responsibility and not work under pressure from somebody government or minister,” he added.

On the other hand, Tongkhar said that he desires to serve the people of the state through the legal metrology department.

“As a minister in-charge of the department, I want to ensure that the public get the right quantity for what they purchased. We will come up with proper action plan,” he said.

Tongkhar also asked the traders to be busy in correcting their weighing machines instead of meeting ministers and government officers for this reason.

“Traders should not be confused or want to meet ministers, officers. Let them be busy in correcting their weighing machines, get their stones stamped and do all what is necessary but they should not be seen busy in meeting ministers & officers for this reason because we are very clear we want to serve the people and we have no other intention,” he stated.