Top ULFA(I) Leader Dirshti Rajkhowa Surrenders to Indian Army

Shillong, Nov 12 : In a swift and well planned operation executed by the Indian Army Intelligence Agencies at Meghalaya-Assam- Bangladesh Border, dreaded hardcore ULFA(I) leader, SS Col Drishti Rajkhowa along with four accomplices SS Corporal Vedanta, YasinAsom, RopjyotiAsom and MithunAsom, surrendered, with a huge quantity of arms.

The operation was based on confirmed inputs, which was a result of relentless pursuit over the last nine months.

Drishti Rajkhowa has long been in the wanted list of the ULFA insurgents responsible for their activities in lower Assam. His surrender is a major blow to the underground organisation and heralds a new dawn ushering in peace in the region. By this operation Indian Army again reaffirmed, that at all times, it remains committed in maintaining peace and normalcy in the region.


Updated on : 17:00 IST


1. In the midst of the drive for a terror free Assam and Meghalaya by Unified Command, Indian Army formation deployed in Rangia in close coordination with intelligence agencies, Assam Police and Meghalaya Police, carried out OPERATION MALAKAND on 10 Nov 2020, which resulted in surrender of Self Styled Deputy Commander -in-Chief ULFA (I) Drishti Rajkhowa alias Manoj
Rabha, along with four other dreaded Cadres namely Self Styled Corporal Vedanta, Yasin Asom, Rop Jyoti Asom and Mithun Asom.

2. Drishti Rajkhowa, a known explosive expert, was Deputy
Commander-in-Chief of United Liberation Front of Assam (Independent) and was an active member of the terrorist outfit of ULFA since last 30 years. Since last many years efforts were being launched by various intelligence and
security agencies of Unified Command for the neutralization of Drishti Rajkhowa. It was this
combined effort which has resulted in the success. It is a result of synergy and close cooperation which has been achieved between Indian Amy, intelligence agencies, Assam and Meghalaya Police and other Security Forces of the two States.

3. Surrender of Drishti Rajkhowa alongwith 4 Cadres of ULFA (I) has certainly dealt a
severe blow to the ulterior motives of ULFA (I) which had been trying to gain prominence and revive insurgency in lower Assam by undertaking large scale
recruitment. Drishti Rajkhowa and his accomplices will, in the times to come, motivate other misguided youth / cadres to follow their lead and come overground to lead a
dignified life and work for the betterment of this beautiful region. Unified Command remains committed in maintaining peace and normalcy in the region and lead it to
the path of progress and prosperity.