Tynsong says, government takes possession of land at Them Iew Mawlong

Tynsong says, government takes possession of land at Them Iew Mawlong

Shillong, Oct 29: Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong on Friday informed that the State government has taken possession of the land at Them Iew Mawlong.

The taking over of the land by the Urban Affairs department is as per the tripartite lease executed between, the government of Meghalaya, the Syiem of Mylliem and the Shillong Municipal Board.

The tripartite lease deed was executed on March 31, this year.

On Friday, the Syiem of Myliem and the Shillong Municipal Board handed over the land measuring 12444.13 sq.mt.

It may be mentioned that the High Level Committee (HLC) formed by the government in 2018 and the report which was submitted recently had recommended the relocation of the people staying in the Harijan Colony.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chief Minister has again urged the residents of Harijan Colony to cooperate with the government in the relocation process.

“They should not think that we are against them or that we are throwing them out. But what we want is from the government side to relocate them so that they have a proper place,” Tynsong said.

He also said that that the place where they are currently residing is worst than a slum.

“It is not fit to live in that place,” Tynsong.

He also asked the residents to come forward and to cooperate with the government for inventorisation by giving authorities details of when they came to stay there and how many of them are there.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that when the HLC started functioning in 2018, when the Shillong Municipal Board went for inventorisation, the residents refused to cooperate.

“We really wanted to know exactly how many settlers are staying over there. Be it the employees of Shillong Municipal Board or of the state government or be it new settlers. In fact that is our intention. Once the inventorisation is done then we understand the actual number of the settlers then we will work it out accordingly,” Tynsong said.

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