Unparliamentary words in Assembly over non functional of microphones

Shillong, Sept 9: Unparliamentary words were expunged from the proceedings of the Assembly which were used by NCP legislator, Saleng A Sangma, after deputy speaker, Timothy D. Shira disallowed North Shillong MLA, Adelbert Nongrum from raising supplementary question as he did not hear him due to non functional of microphones in the House.

During question hour on the second day of the Autumn Session on Monday, Saleng rose to support North Shillong MLA, Adelbert Nongrum that he should be allowed to ask supplementary questions, but the deputy speaker insisted that the next question should be taken up since he had already asked the concern minister to give his reply.

The deputy speaker told Nongrum that he did not hear his request since the microphone was not functioning properly due to technical problem and directed that the next question should be taken up.

Saleng however stood up and said that it was not Nongrum’s fault, and asked the deputy speaker to allow him to continue since the sound system was not functioning properly.

As the deputy speaker insisted that the House should take up the next question, Saleng banged the table and said, “This is an embarrassment to the decorum of the Assembly.”

In the heat of the moment, Saleng used words considered as unparliamentary.

The deputy speaker assured that he would direct to ensure that microphones are working properly and allowed Nongrum to raise his queries, though he did not expunge the unparliamentary words.

Later senior Congress MLA from Nongthymmai, and former Assembly Speaker, Charles Pyngrope raised a point of order urged the deputy speaker the House cannot allow the use of unparliamentary language and that it should not be condoned at any point.

“What has happened might have happened because of circumstances, but it is my humble request that the unparliamentary language that was used needs to be expunged,” Pyngrope said.

Pyngrope also told the House that besides Assembly members, there were also many visitors including from schools, and the galleries are filled with people from all walks of life.

Pyngrope also agreed with Saleng on the other hand the mal functioning of microphones has really caused a problem to the smooth functioning of the House and brought down its decorum.

On the points raised by Pyngrope, the deputy speaker gave his ruling that the unparliamentary words uttered in the House be expunged from the proceedings.

The microphones were not functioning properly since Friday, the first day of the session

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