Virtual convocation marks the graduation of IIM Shillong pass outs

Virtual convocation marks the graduation of IIM Shillong pass outs

Shillong, Aug 21: In the first of its kind virtual convocation (11th& 12th) marking the graduation of two sets of graduates and scholars, IIM Shillong deployed state of the art technology to bring together an experiential event.

The rigorous content production involving shoots at multiple locations at different times.

The Chief Guest Ashishkumar Chauhan, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer – BSE, being at Mumbai, Shishir Kumar Bajoria, Chairman, Board of Governors, at Kolkata, the entire faculty being in Shillong, and enthusiastic students in their respective hometowns, the content and speeches were shot and synchronised, and finally placed at one common auditorium setting in the post production to bring out the sentiment of being together despite the distances.

Delivering the Convocation Address, Chief Guest of the occasion Chauhan said, “These are perhaps your last few minutes, officially, at IIM Shillong. More importantly it is also a culmination of your hard work, and even harder money and sacrifices. You are among the top few percentage of students in the country in terms of skills, presentation, and intellectual capabilities. This is why you have been selected to study here in the first place. You are already a winner.”

Expressing his compliments, Chauhan added, “I salute your parents, your families, your friends, many of whom have sacrificed a lot. Many of you have been picked in reputed companies already, while many of you are thinking of studying further, but it is a great achievement that all of you at IIM Shillong have come so far in this Covid period.”

Virtual convocation marks the graduation of IIM Shillong pass outs

“Modern education and modern society puts a lot of expectations from students. More importantly society and peer pressure makes it even worse. We are all part of the rat race knowingly or unknowingly. I identify with your anxieties and worries,” he further remarked while recollecting his own experiences as a student of IIT Bombay and IIM Calcutta while offering valuable advice to the new managers and scholars.

Speaking during the welcome address, Prof DP Goyal, Director IIM Shillong said, “I would like to thank you for having shown unprecedented resilience and grace during this pandemic. We know today is a special day in your lives, to be receiving your degrees after years of hard work. I wish to convey my heartiest congratulations to you and your proud parents for your success.”

Expressing his thoughts, Prof Goyal further said “The crisis provides everyone with the opportunity to introspect. What do you value? What matters? Sometimes we must be willing to let go of our preconceived notions of life and rather adapt to a life that unfolds for us.” Wishing the graduating students on a momentous occasion he added, “While working towards success in your career please do not forget the values that we have always strived to inculcate in you. Now being ambassadors of IIM Shillong, it is your responsibility to keep the flag of your alma mater flying high.”

Prof Goyal also highlighted the achievements of the Institute while presenting the Academic Report.

Addressing the gathering, Chairman of the Board of Governors Bajoria remarked, “I would like to express my hearty congratulations to the graduating students, as well as the teachers, Director and all stakeholders who have worked hard to pave the way for this new horizon of success.” He further said, “The entire Institute stood strong in responding to any challenges which the crisis (Covid) threw at us. Rather it is during this period that the Institute has made a significant all-round progress.”

“Do remember success is a journey, not a destination. The expectations from you are many. So, as you step into the constantly changing and transforming world, you are privileged to be passing into the threshold of an era where the country is catapulting to greater heights, and you will be participating in making this happen,” he exhorted while finally adding, “I must remind you that privileges come with obligations towards India. Nation first.”

In total 440 students across all programs made the country and the Institute proud.

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