VPP seeks support of various groups to put on hold roster system

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SHILLONG, APR 11: The Voice of the People Party (VPP) on Tuesday appealed to every group and section in the state to solidly lend their support to the efforts of the party to ensure that the implementation of the roster system is put on hold pending the review of the outdated job reservation policy.

“As stated before, the Party besides engaging with the ruling dispensation will organize public meetings in various parts of the state in the coming days to sensitize the public on the matter,” VPP spokesperson Dr Batskhem Myrboh said in a statement issued here.

He said the party also expressed its appreciation and gratitude to the well intentioned and strong support extended by the various pressure groups and individuals in different parts of the state on the need of withholding the implementation of the roster system during the pendency of the review of the outdated job reservation policy.

“The Party is committed that this issue which was included in the manifesto is cleared once and for all for the balanced interests of every section of the society. It is essential that the voice seeking for review of the policy gets aggregated through the VPP for the continued pursuance till the matter is resolved,” Dr Myrboh said.

Stating that any attempt to scatter the voice on this matter post-election will defeat the purpose, he said, “History informs us that this matter unless it is taken up seriously by a political party, it remains a pipedream. No doubt, the issue of the review of the reservation policy was taken up by the leaders of various pressure groups in the past but unfortunately they failed to take it up after becoming political leaders irrespective of their party affiliations.”

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