VPP slams MDA Govt on mining policy

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SHILLONG, MAY 15: The Voice of the People Party (VPP) on Monday slammed the NPP-led MDA government for its policy related to mining in the state as it seeks to serve the interest of a few individuals who are close with the government.

In a statement issued here, VPP spokesperson Dr Batskhem Myrboh said, “The VPP is deeply anguished with the policy and measures adopted by the NPP led MDA 2.0 with regard to mining in the state.
There is a clear indication that this government attempts to serve the interest of a few individuals who are close with the government.”

He alleged that “It is undoubted that under this government, the rich get richer while the poor become poorer due to an unjust policy.”

“Moreover, given the illegalities that the MDA government commits which even the Meghalaya High Court has strongly observed from time to time, there is a high possibility that illegal mining will be carried under the cover of scientific mining controlled by a few individuals belonging to a high level tribe,” Myrboh added.

The VPP spokesperson said that the Party is of the opinion that the state will be able to prosper only when the government adopts the just and fair policy taking everybody on board.

The Party also expressed serious concern that the state is headed by someone who is unaware and unclear of the condition that the state is in and the goal that he sets for the state.

Referring to the budget session where the Chief Minister proudly stated that the MDA 2.0 government will put Meghalaya on the path of becoming the $ 10 Million economy, Myrboh however asked, “
Can this target be achieved without power and the state suffering from load shedding of more than ten hours per day? Any person with the smallest capacity to use rational thinking will find it difficult to accept the daydream sold by this government?”

Stating that the load shedding of extreme nature reveals the total mismanagement of the government in the Power Department, Myrboh said, “Load shedding has affected those industries and business establishment that depends their work on electricity. This results in the loss of revenue for many of the establishments. Moreover, it affects the students who have to appear their different examination.”

In the present era where internet has become an integral part of teaching and learning and load shedding directly means curtailing the rights of students to learn, he further added.

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