Zenith accuses NPP-led MDA govt for fooling people in the name of development

SHILLONG, FEB 17: TMC candidate and Rangsakona MLA Zenith Sangma slammed the NPP-led MDA government on Friday for fooling the people of Meghalaya in the name of development over the past five years.

Taking a jibe at the MDA government, the Meghalaya TMC MLA said, “If NPP is saying we developed Meghalaya, then they should show us where that development is. Mere lip service, and Jumla Bazi will not give life to the development that they never sought in the state.”

Highlighting the developments of the previous government led by Dr. Mukul Sangma, the Rangsakona MLA said, “Our state was known for education and good morals when ruled by Mukul Sangma, but the Conrad Sangma-led NPP government ruined the Meghalaya in all sectors during the five-year rule.”

“NPP-led MDA government brought a law through a conspiracy to turn Meghalaya into a gambling hub, but our intense protest against such law forced them to put the law on hold,” he added.

Meghalaya TMC Rangsakona MLA Zenith Sangma was addressing the media during the party’s public rally at Gimigre L.P. School in Rajabala, where a massive crowd of 2000 people participated.

Meghalaya TMC Rajabala candidate Dr. Mizanur Kazi and Balachanda Ex-MDC Sofior Rahman were also present in the public address.

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