VPP to organize sit in protest against govt’s failure to put on hold recruitment process

VPP to organize sit in protest against govt's failure to put on hold recruitment process

SHILLONG, MAY 15: The Voice of the People Party (VPP) on Monday announced its decision to organize a sit-in-demonstration on May 17, as a mark of protest against the state government’s adamant attitude towards the party demand for putting on hold all recruitment process till the reservation policy is reviewed.

“In view of the adamant attitude and non-response of the NPP led MDA 2.0 government to the demand of the Party on the need to put on hold all the recruitment process in the state till the state job reservation policy and the implementation of the roster system is reviewed by an expert committee, the Party will organize a sit-in demonstration at the parking lot near the Additional Secretariat on Wednesday, the 17th May, 2023 from 10 am to 4pm,” VPP spokesperson Dr Batskhem Myrboh said in a statement issued here.

The decision was taken after the 48-hour ultimatum to the state government had expired here.

Myrboh said that the party workers and the public are urged to participate in the protest to put pressure on the NPP led government.

“It may be noted that this government is trying to make itself immune to logic, fairness and public concerns,” he said while adding that the other programmes will be subsequently announced.

On May 12, the VPP had submitted a letter to the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma after a public meeting was held at the parking lot near the additional secretariat.

During the meeting, VPP chief Ardent M Basaiawmoit had maintained that the party would have no other option but to call for series of agitations against the government’s adamant attitude to put on hold the recruitment process.

He had said this is the party’s second letter to the government after it has failed to respond to the first letter which demanded for convening of the Assembly’s special session for discussion on this sensitive issue.

The VPP chief had said that the party’s stand is very clear that the problem is not with the roster system but it is with the entire policy.

“The policy is not proportionate so how can you divide the policy by two. You need to understand the population structure of the state, you need to see that the population of Khasi-Jaintia is more than the population in Garo Hills so how do you expect that the policy will be reserved equally between the two,” he had said.

Stating that the VPP’s fight is for the benefit of both the ‘Khasis’ and the ‘Garos’, Basaiawmoit had said, “When we fight for the reservation it doesn’t mean that we fight for ourselves only. We fight so that this reservation is ‘just and fair’ for these two communities.”

Alleging that the present reservation policy is giving ample opportunities to non-residents of the state, he had said, “As we know, according to the present policy it even gives a chance to the tribes from outside the state to enjoy this reservation policy. Therefore, this reservation policy has to be for Garos of Meghalaya and has to be for the Khasis in Meghalaya not any other tribes coming from any other states. So it is for their own good that we are trying to bring a solution on this issue.”

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VPP slams MDA Govt on mining policy

VPP condemns Rakkam for statement against hunger strike by Basaiawmoit

SHILLONG, MAY 15: The Voice of the People Party (VPP) on Monday slammed the NPP-led MDA government for its policy related to mining in the state as it seeks to serve the interest of a few individuals who are close with the government.

In a statement issued here, VPP spokesperson Dr Batskhem Myrboh said, “The VPP is deeply anguished with the policy and measures adopted by the NPP led MDA 2.0 with regard to mining in the state.
There is a clear indication that this government attempts to serve the interest of a few individuals who are close with the government.”

He alleged that “It is undoubted that under this government, the rich get richer while the poor become poorer due to an unjust policy.”

“Moreover, given the illegalities that the MDA government commits which even the Meghalaya High Court has strongly observed from time to time, there is a high possibility that illegal mining will be carried under the cover of scientific mining controlled by a few individuals belonging to a high level tribe,” Myrboh added.

The VPP spokesperson said that the Party is of the opinion that the state will be able to prosper only when the government adopts the just and fair policy taking everybody on board.

The Party also expressed serious concern that the state is headed by someone who is unaware and unclear of the condition that the state is in and the goal that he sets for the state.

Referring to the budget session where the Chief Minister proudly stated that the MDA 2.0 government will put Meghalaya on the path of becoming the $ 10 Million economy, Myrboh however asked, “
Can this target be achieved without power and the state suffering from load shedding of more than ten hours per day? Any person with the smallest capacity to use rational thinking will find it difficult to accept the daydream sold by this government?”

Stating that the load shedding of extreme nature reveals the total mismanagement of the government in the Power Department, Myrboh said, “Load shedding has affected those industries and business establishment that depends their work on electricity. This results in the loss of revenue for many of the establishments. Moreover, it affects the students who have to appear their different examination.”

In the present era where internet has become an integral part of teaching and learning and load shedding directly means curtailing the rights of students to learn, he further added.

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Sonowal inaugurates six new buildings at NEIAH as part of Project II

Sonowal inaugurates six new buildings at NEIAH as part of Project II

SHILLONG, MAY 15: The Union Minister of Ports, Shipping & Waterways and Ayush, Sarbananda Sonowal on Monday inaugurated six new buildings as part of the Project II of North Eastern Institute of Ayurveda & Homoeopathy (NEIAH) to expand capacity. The cost of the construction of these new buildings is estimated at more than ₹60 crores.

Speaking on the occasion, the Union Minister of Ports, Shipping & Waterways and Ayush, Sarbananda Sonowal said, “It gives me immense pleasure that we have been able to open up these six new buildings in Shillong today. They will expand the capacity of this premier institute which can play an instrumental role in furthering the role of traditional medicine in the region. Under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, we are taking steps to build evidence based research in traditional medicine in tandem with modern medicine. We see huge role of integrative medicine in the healthcare solutions delivery system of the country in the forthcoming years. The investment made by the government through these new buildings will embolden our effort to rejuvenate traditional medicine in this region of the country. I am happy to inform you that NEIAH will be starting its ambulance services soon.”

The Six new buildings will have a boys hostel with a capacity to accommodate 104 occupants, a girls hostel with a capacity to accommodate 104 occupants, 8 units of Type III quarter, 6 units of Type IVA Quarter, 7 units of Type IVB cum Director’s Residence, a senior resident hostel with 25 units, and a guest house with 19 rooms & 2 suites. The buildings were made with an estimated cost of ₹60.16 crores.

Speaking about the role of Northeast’s role in traditional medicine, Sarbananda Sonowal added, “Our northeast is blessed by Mother Earth whose natural bounty has helped us heal for many generations. We simply want to take this process forward so that it can help many more people and help them live a better quality of life. The vision of PM Modi ji is to develop a healthcare delivery system which is effective and efficient. With the continuous impetus to build and expand capacity for research and build a scientific base for traditional medicine, I believe the six new buildings inaugurated today will play a crucial role for NEIAH towards the achievement of this objective.”

NEIAH has witnessed a steady growth in patients as more and more people are experiencing better results at the hospital. In FY2022-23, the hospital saw footfall of 52,088 patients in its OPD clinics while 504 patients were admitted as IPD patients for healing & recovery. In Ayurveda, NEIAH saw a footfall of 36,683 patients at the OPD clinics as well as 482 patients got admitted at the IPD section of the university. In Homoeopathy, the footfall in its OPD clinics were 19,397 patients while 22 patients got themselves admitted under it. As many as 35 health camps & 4 CMEs (Continuing Medical Education) were conducted by NEIAH during the same period.

The event was also attended by Guests of Honour, viz. Dr Mazel Ampareen Lyngdoh, Health & Family Welfare Minister, Govt. Of Meghalaya as well as AL Hek, Minister of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, Govt. of Meghalaya. Prof. Prabha Shankar Shukla, Vice Chancellor, North Eastern Hill University (NEHU); Prof (Dr) Nalin Mehta, Director, North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health & Medical Sciences (NEIGRIHMS) and Dr Neeta Mahesekar, Director, NEIAH also attended the event.

In the academics, NEIAH has already enrolled six undergraduate batches into Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery (BAMS) and Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery (BHMS). From 50 students in 2016-17, the intake of students has now been increased to 63 per batch. The courses are affiliated to North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong, Meghalaya.

The North Eastern Institute of Ayurveda & Homoeopathy (NEIAH) is an autonomous Institute under Ministry of Ayush, Government of India. NEIAH was established to provide health care facilities to the people of NE Region and Sikkim under Ayurveda and Homoeopathy systems of medicine. The Institute is currently running one college Ayurveda and one college of Homoeopathy along with its attached hospitals. The Institute runs 60 bedded Ayurvedic and 20 bedded Homoeopathic Hospitals.

The hospitals at the NEIAH campus are well-equipped with private wards, labour room, Operation Theatre, Yoga centre, Physiotherapy unit, Panchkarma unit etc. The investigation facilities like ECG, USG, X-ray, Laboratories, Nadi Tarangani etc. are also available at the institute. The institute is equipped with 7 OPDs in Ayurveda and 5 OPDs in Homoeopathy. There is a full fledged IPD facility with 60 beds for Ayurveda and 20 beds for Homoeopathy. The institute is spread over an area of 20 acres.

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Govt need to tread very cautiously on reservation, roster issue: Ampareen

HYC slams Govt for spending over Rs 4 crore on non-performing bodies

SHILLONG, MAY 15: Spokesperson of the MDA government Ampareen Lyngdoh on Monday said the state government will take its own time to decide on the reservation policy and implementation of the roster system.

Speaking to media persons, Lyngdoh said, “This is a matter which is very, very sensitive. We must tread very cautiously. It is fine if the members of the opposition put this pressure on us but we will take our time in deciding how to take this forward.”

When asked on the 48 hours ultimatum served by the VPP, the cabinet minister said, “I cannot speak on behalf of the government per se on this matter but individually I would believe that the MDA-2 is working hard towards partnering, discussion and dialoguing with all partners firstly in government across the board and subsequently with political parties, NGOs, student organizations.”

“The chief minister is expected to come to the station by tomorrow, maximum by day after tomorrow. Surely, there is a plan that we have in our mind and yes we are going to take up the issue. It is not that we are dodging discussion over the issue. We are taking it up if we are not going to be put under pressure by anyone because this is a very, very delicate matter, I don’t want to see it going wrong,” she said.

Lyngdoh said that the government needs to make sure that stakeholders are taken on board before taking a decision on the matter.

“We will take suggestions from everyone, we will make sure that these suggestions are looked at technically and we will take up anything that is going to be positive and constructive in further decision making in this matter,” she said.

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I do not anticipate any complication in the MDA after Sohiong poll: Ampareen

I do not anticipate any complication in the MDA after Sohiong poll: Ampareen

SHILLONG, MAY 15: NPP leader Ampareen Lyngdoh on Monday said she does not anticipate that there should be any complication in the MDA government after the Sohiong adjourned election, which concluded last week.

Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said there was a keen contest between the two strong partners of the MDA – UDP and the NPP.

“So there was just a period of about one and a half months. Anyways our coalition partner in the ruling dispensation has won the seat so it is okay,” she said.

“Now, elections are over so we are going to be moving ahead. There has been no negative or adversary feeling or sharing of experiences between anyone because we now have shown our ability to look at elections as a field job and actually running a government is completely a different assignment, so we have segregated these two assignments,” she said.

“We are now looking at going ahead in this coalition partnership and we hope very shortly will be able to sit across the table to discuss our common minimum programme as this election was the deferred election we have to wait for it to complete,” she added.

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Health Minister asserts need for NEIAH to adopt research on traditional practices

Health Minister asserts need for NEIAH to adopt research on traditional practices

SHILLONG, MAY 15: Health Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh on Monday said the North Eastern Institute of Ayurveda & Homoeopathy (NEIAH) should further adopt research on traditional medicines and practices in the state.

Speaking to reporters, Lyngdoh said, “The union minister of AYUSH has just invited me to join him in a big consultation, a conclave in Delhi on May 18-19. We have to talk about it. The institute should put in all efforts to adopt further research on locally available practices which are common among the tribes of the Garos, of the Khasis and the Jaintias.”

She also informed that the government will ensure that traditional healers of the state also get equal coverage in this huge government of India plan. “I am going to definitely promote this and I am going to fight to ensure that our local traditional practices are also benefited by this big institution being placed in the heart of Shillong.”

Lyngdoh said that affordable treatment is another very big concern in an institution like NEIAH. “I just brought it to the attention of the minister, you may bring us a traditional practice like AYUSH practice here. We must make sure that people can afford it because obviously the very chronic ailments will very likely seek this kind of a window and there is big promise that AYUSH will now be a part of national mainstream healthcare. It will now be part of the system over and above Homeopathy. So we will fight that our traditional healers also get a fair opportunity to benefit from this institution,” she added.

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KSU asks Govt to resolve problems faced by Khasi-Pnar at Khanduli

HYC slams Govt for spending over Rs 4 crore on non-performing bodies

SHILLONG, MAY 15: The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) on Monday asked the state government to resolve the problems faced by the Khasi-Pnar community at Khanduli before going ahead with the border talks with Assam for resolving the remaining six areas of difference.

Speaking to media persons, KSU West Jaintia Hills District president Laitphar Syngkrem said the state government has not taken adequate steps to resolve the issue that led to the clash between the two communities – Karbi and Khasi-Pnar – at Khanduli village.

“We therefore demanded the state government to immediately resolve the problems faced by the Khasi-Pnar people before it decide to go ahead with the border talks with Assam,” he said.

Syngkrem claimed that such incident occurred when the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) had illegally set up toll gate at Khanduli village West Jaintia Hills which is under the jurisdiction of Meghalaya.

Syngkrem said that this illegal toll gate at Khanduli village which was uprooted by the residents had created a lot of confusion among the Khasi-Pnar of Meghalaya and even the Karbi community of Assam.

He added that after the toll gate was uprooted, there was peace between communities of both states but recently, the Karbi community had torched few huts and had prevented residents of Khanduli from going to their farm land which are under the jurisdiction of Meghalaya.

“After few huts were torched and when Khasi-Pnar were prevented from going to their farm lands, there were also fist fights between both community which compel the Khanduli Dorbar Shnong to ban all form of trade between Khasi-Pnar and Karbi community” said Syngkrem.

Syngkrem said that the union had met the district administration of both states but till date the Khasi-Pnar community especially the farmers are being harassed by the Karbi community as they are being prevented from going to their farm lands.

“We urged the state government and the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC) to take up the matter with the Assam government and the KAAC to make sure that our brothers and sisters from Khanduli village are not harassed in the future” he added.

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MSL 2023: Umrit hold off Laitryngew, Mulait overturn deficit to beat Pdengkarong

MSL 2023: Umrit hold off Laitryngew, Mulait overturn deficit to beat Pdengkarong

Shillong, May 15: There were wins today for Umrit SC and Mulait United on an exciting third day of the Meghalaya State League 2023. 

Shillong witnessed an action-packed match between Umrit and Seng Samla Laitryngew, which ended 3-1 in the former’s favour at the MFA Turf. 

Khimlang Thangkhiew scored first after some frantic action in the box on 26 minutes. Dapborlang Nongrum had tracked back to defend the open Laitryngew goal and managed to hook a shot on target off his own crossbar and into safety. Two Umrit players then went for the ball together and both failed to make contact but Thangkhiew was on hand to attempt a shot of his own but Nongrum had his body behind the ball. However, he could not keep out the second attempt by Thangkhiew. 

Wanroyshang Sangma (45’+2, 53′) then notched up a brace of goals on either side of half time. The first saw him run up the left and hit it on the run, perfectly placed up and over the keeper, and the second was a more simple tap-in. 

What was appreciated by all the spectators was that Laitryngew refused to give up. They were extremely energetic throughout the match and nearly had a hat-trick hero in Ferenstar Kharkongor. He was blocked by an Umrit defender in the 61st minute, made up for that by scoring in the 68th off a rebound and then was terribly unlucky when another attempt in the 81st clipped the upright. 

Meanwhile, we have yet to get a winner in Group D’s Tura, despite two matches being played there, as both games have ended 1-1. Today it was the turn of Selsella Sports Association and Wasa FC to play out a draw at the picturesque Chandmari Ground. The latter got the lead in the first half thanks to a left-footer from Threebirth Momin (37′) and Wasa were almost able to hold on for three points until Selsella equalised in the 86th minute. 

Mawkyrwat, the venue for Group C, also witnessed a thrilling draw as the match between Seven United SCC and Lumdiengngan SC ended 2-2 at the MDSA Ground.

Finally, in Jowai, Group B saw Mulait United overturn a one goal deficit to beat Youth Club Pdengkarong 2-1 at the Kiang Nangbah Stadium. 

Marshial Nongrum’s cross set up Wanbor Langshiang for the opening goal in the 28th minute, with the latter given acres of space and time to line up his shot from close range. One touch from Bing Chyrmang (32′) was all it took for the equaliser just four minutes later, however, as he tapped in Wardas Dkhar’s cross from the left. Wantiwjune Buam then put Mulait into the lead in the 53rd minute and his team were able to hold on for the victory. 

Tomorrow’s fixtures:

Group A, Shillong – Umkseh SC vs Langsning SC, 3pm

Group B, Jowai – Rangdajied United FC vs Ladthadlaboh SC, 2:30pm

Group C, Mawkyrwat – No matches scheduled

Group D, Tura – Atong Matgrik FC vs Khliehmawlieh YC, 3pm

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