Dohling thanks CM for giving him DCA, wants better coordination between Govt and ADCs

Shillong, Feb 13: District Council Affairs (DCA) minister, Hamletson Dohling has called for better coordination between the state government and the Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) in the state even as he said that the state government has nothing to interfere in the formation of the Executive Committee and political instability in the district councils were created by the members themselves.

Dohling was given additional charge of the DCA department after the portfolio was taken away from minister, James K Sangma in a reallocation of portfolios by the chief minister, Conrad K Sangma.

“There is a need to have better coordination between the state government and the ADCs,” Dohling said.

He however said that political instability in the ADCs should be blamed to members of the district council (MDCs) themselves.

“The MDCs are responsible for the instability in the ADCs. It is not for the state government to interfere with the formation of the Executive Committee in the ADCs. We all know that there is no anti-defection law in the ADCs but it is the duty of the MDCs to be discipline instead of taking advantage of the situation in the absence of the anti-defection law,” the DCA minister said.

Dohling urged all MDCs to restore and maintain the dignity of the ADCs while reminding them that the people who elect them were more interested on their works, but not shifting allegiance from one group to another.

Dohling however refused to comment on the present situation in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) which has been brought under the Governor’s Rule.

The DCA minister said that he would wait for an order of the Meghalaya High Court in view of the petition filed by Latiplang Kharkongor, who has challenged the decision of the Governor to appoint an administrator to look after the affairs of the KHADC.

Stating that handling any department is not an easy task, Dohling thanked the chief minister for shouldering him the responsibility, and assured that he would try his best to perform and work hard.

On financial crisis faced by the ADCs especially the Jaiñtia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC) and Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC), Dohling said that he would soon review with officials of the department to have better understanding of the issues.

Asked if the PDF was satisfied with reshuffle, Dohling said that the party was happy as the chief minister has listened to the concerns expressed by the coalition partners.

Dohling also made it clear when the matter was discussed with the Chief Minister, there was no discussion on removing James K Sangma from the Cabinet.