Dy CM warns people who play politics on telephonic conversation with him

Shillong, Apr 03: Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong has warned people who are trying to play politics during this time of crisis.

“I warn that anybody who play politics just leave aside. Right now we are in a crisis. Why should we talk politics, why should people talk about NPP, Congress, HSPDP or UDP as we are here to protect our own people. We should not talk politics so I request those people who are trying to politicize, just leave us alone,” Tynsong told reporters on Friday.

His statement came as a reaction to an audio recording of a telephonic conversation between the minister of the MDA government, and a village secretary which has gone viral.

The minister had allegedly forced the village secretary that his construction works should continue despite the lockdown in view of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The deputy chief minister admitted that he has received and heard the audio recording about the conversation.

“I think the same person (village secretary) had also telephoned me which he recorded my statement and circulated the same,” he said.

“When I gave the clarification, I think the same fellow had also recorded my statement, which I personally feel that this is political. We should not allow these types of people to take advantage. If you wanted to do sincerely for any issue, why should you record my voice and what is the benefit? You could have just talked through proper channel because I think the particular area falls under Mawthadraishan and it is not far away from the administration,” he said.

Tynsong said that such people should have personally lodge an official complaint with the concerned authority, which will then take a call on the matter adding “However, by doing this, I am telling you this is political.”

He further added, “In fact this is the responsibility of the concerned officers if it is in the district level deputy commissioner has to take a call or if not SDO has to take a call or if not BDO should take a call as even the BDO has been given the executive power during this period to close down (any construction works).”