ICICI Bank gets its 5th branch after opening of Mawlai branch

Shillong Oct 5: The ICICI Bank has further extended its banking service with the inauguration of a new branch on Saturday.

The new ICICI branch was opened at Mawlai ïewrynghep on the Shillong-Guwahati road.

Additional Secretary (Planning and Finance), Cyril V. Darlong Diengdoh inaugurated the newly set up branch in the presence of ICICI Regional Head, Shusanta Nayak, ICICI Branch Manager, Bamutskhem Mawroh, Headman of Mawlai ïewrynghep and other office bearers of the Dorbar Shnong.

The branch at Mawlai ïewrynghep is the 5th branch of the ICICI in Shillong city, and 15th branch in the whole state of Meghalaya.

In his speech, Diengdoh lauded the ICICI branch for expanding its reach in terms of banking facilities.

Diengdoh also suggested ICICI bank to further its reach to other places outside urban areas especially when schemes implemented by the government and benefits meant for the beneficiaries are being disbursed to them through their personal bank account.

ICICI Regional Head, Shusanta Nayak said that with the opening of the new branch, various banking services would be delivered to the people including sanctioning of various types of loans.