KHADC: Govt recommend to Governor for appropriate action

Shillong, Jan 10: The Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government is examining the proposal for convening a special session of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC).

This came a day after a delegation of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) had apprised the state government that the alliance is ready for a floor test to prove majority in the House.

“We are examining this matter and the government will accordingly prepare a letter and call a cabinet to recommend to the Governor what we feel is most appropriate,” chief minister Conrad K Sangma told reporters here on Friday.

Sangma said members of the district council from one group (UDA) had met and submitted their current signatures.

“We felt that now the situation may be feasible to call for an election and allow them to decide as it is a democratic elected body. They are democratic elected members and they have the right to select their own government and their own CEM,” he said.

The strength of the UDA has increased to 16 after Congress MDC from Mairang-Nongkhlaw Batskhem Ryntathiang and Independent MDC from Nongshken Grace Mary Kharpuri decided to shift allegiance to the alliance.

Following this, the UDF was subsequently reduced to 12 minus the chairman of the Council.

Stating that the state government is equally concern that the KHADC has not been functioning in a proper manner and that the public is suffering, the chief minister said that is the reason why the cabinet had earlier decided to suggest the Governor for invoking the Administrator’s Rule at at that time there was complete instability.

“We were seeing MDCs switching from one side to the other, which is not healthy at all. Seeing that kind of a situation, we had at that time proposed to the governor that the Administrator’s Rule should be put in but the governor had not taken any call on that and we had to wait for his reply,” he said.

The UDA-led EC was toppled in November last year, after five members of the alliance voted in favour of the no-confidence motion moved by the opposition Congress.

Subquent to this, Independent member from Nongthymmai, Latiplang Kharkongor was elected as the new chief executive member with the support of the United Democratic Front (UDF) backed by the Congress.

However, the state government is yet to notify the election of Latiplang as the CEM even as the list of executive members submitted by him was not approved by the Governor.