Lapang praises NDA Govt for revoking Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir

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Shillong Aug 6: Chief Adviser to the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government, and former chief minister, D.D Lapang on Tuesday lauded the Centre for withdrawing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and said that he did not believe that by this decision, they (NDA government) would try to crush or do the same thing in any part of the North East.

“If the statement of the Union Home Minister stated that by having this special status, it doesn’t serve the people because leaders did not do well rather some of them were encouraging militants, misappropriation and misusing of money which is against the interest of the people. If that be the case, we should appreciate the courage of the present government which has taken a very strong, courageous action where nobody would expect they can do it,” Lapang said.

He hoped that this would be a “big lesson” to all other people in the state. “You cannot play just like that by misusing the privilege, and the service for self interest type of mentality. Appreciation came from all around the country. I have not heard any mention that the state is against this, meaning, the people who read between the lines, thought that the withdrawal of the provision of the Constitution will enable the government of India to take decision whatever they feel should be decided.”

Asked if this decision would also have any impact on Meghalaya and other North Eastern states, Lapang said, “this is a different thing and very exceptional because the Kashmir issue has been hanging for too long and the problems cannot be solved. During the past governments, they found that the special category given to Jammu and Kashmir will really help them to see that the people are not affected by poverty and proper security and development. But it seems the present government under the NDA had seen all the past records which did not deliver any good.”

Lapang said that he appreciated this and hoped that Meghalaya and the whole North East should not disagree with it.

“I do not believe that by this, they will try to crush us or do the same thing in any part of the North East,” the veteran politician said.