Man drowned while kayaking in Meghalaya

Shillong, March 1 : Negligence to wear a life jacket claims one life on Tuesday ††on Mawphanlur Lake in †West Khasi Hills district. †In a tragic incident around 2.15pm a person identified as Mr. Kyntiewdor Wahlang, aged about 35 years who was officiating as DEO cum typist in the office of the Executive Engineer PWD Roads, Mairang Division has died due to drowning in Mawphanlur Lake. He was part of a group of 30 people who went to picnic to the tourist spot. As per eyewitnesses, he and a friend of his took the kayak without the permission of the Mawphanlur Integrated Village Cooperative Society and without wearing any life jacket and wahlang drowned in Mawphanlur Lake when his kayak capsized. Apparently he kayaked for 3 rounds and the incident occurred in the 4th round. Unfortunately none of the members of the Mawphanlur IVCS were present during the incident. They were away since it is a market day in Markasa. The body has been recovered from the water and been handed over to the relatives.

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