Meghalaya CS seeks Assam intervention on movement of essential commodities

Shillong, Mar 26: Meghalaya chief secretary MS Rao on Thursday sought the intervention of the Assam government for hassle free and timely movement of essential commodities coming to Meghalaya.

“In the circumstances some directions to the authorities concerned for rationalization of the system is earnestly requested,” Rao said in his letter to the Assam chief secretary Sanjay Khrisna.

He said the first issue is that in Guwahati the trucks carrying essential commodities to the districts of Assam are being given preference both for loading and movement.

“While that is understandable under the given circumstances, it has the potential for creating long delays in the much needed dispatch of essential commodities to our state wherein we have very limited open market stock currently. Our dependency on the Guwahati market in particular for essential supplies to both regions of Garo Hills and Khasi and Jaintia Hills is also well known,” he said.

Another issue raised by the Meghalaya chief secretary was regarding the health screenings of drivers and handymen of the trucks from the state carrying essential commodities and stamping for quarantine for many.

“If it is done routinely for all – there would be a serious problem whereby the truckers would have to immediately go for self quarantine upon completion of the trip. I would gently advise caution and medical certainty on the issue so that only those exhibiting symptoms are stamped for quarantine,” Rao said.