Mukul slams MDA govt for not implementing its promises

Shillong Sept 26: Leader of Opposition in Assembly, Dr Mukul Sangma termed the NPP-led MDA government a failed government and alleged that coalition government did not fulfill their promises they have made even after completing six months in the helm of affairs.

Referring to the BJP, a partner of the MDA government that had promised to get the ban on coal mining in the stat within six months, Dr Mukul told reporters that before the assembly elections they promised of lifting of ban on coal mining within six months.

“Now six months have already passed yet the ban is still on. Every government should utilise the time and work towards fulfilling the aspirations of the people of the state,” he said.

He also said that there were a number of promises made which also helped them received the mandate though it is a fractured mandate.

He said that in a democracy promises should be the guiding principle of any party that is in the government but the MDA government did not keep what has been promised.

He also criticized the MDA government for its inability to handle the Them ïew Mawlong issue effectively as a small incident caused by a fight between two groups has affected everybody’s business and damage the name of the state that had already got as the most favorable tourist destination.

Talking about issues raised in Assembly during this ongoing Autumn Session, the Leader of Opposition said that many issues concerning the people of the state were brought for discussion in the House in the form of motions and questions and resolution but due to lack of time, the Opposition could not raised them.

He however said that he was happy since the Opposition has been able to keep the government on their toes.

Dr Mukul also slammed the State Government for not taking steps to address the plights of the farmers in the state and jobs for the youth of the state.

“We wanted to raise the issue also in the floor of the Assembly but it could not be done due to want of time. The government should step in to help the farmers who have been facing problems in the last few months,” the former Chief Minister said.

He also slammed the MDA government for not taking up aggressively with the Centre on non release of entitlements and funds for various schemes and projects including Smart City where the state government has to follow the funding pattern in the ratio of 50:50 between the Centre and the State.

He said that even if the MDA government is insensitive the opposition will continue to put pressure and will draw the attention through demonstrations and other forms of protest.

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