No land dispute at Them ïew Mawlong, land belongs to Shillong Municipal Board: Dy CM

Shillong, Jun 3: Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong said the state government has not filed a civil case in connection with the issue related to setters at Them ïew Mawlong (Sweeper’s Lane) because there is no dispute related to land because the land there belonged to the Shillong Municipal Board (SMB).

“We have not considered filing a petition before the civil court because the question of dispute does not arise, and the land belongs to the SMB,” Tynsong, who is the Chairman of the High Level Committee (HLC), told reporters on Monday.

According to him, the agreement signed between the SMB and Hima Mylliem in 1954 was very clear on the position of the land.

His statement came as a reaction to the decision of the Harijan Panchayat Committee (HPC) to serve legal notice to the SMB demanding immediate withdrawal of the public notices within seven days which have been issued to those residing at Them ïew Mawlong, failing which, a contempt case will be filed before the Court.

The Board based on the direction of the HLC had issued notices to as many as 300 households directing them to furnish documents within one month.

The HPC said that residents of the area the SMB carried out the inventory survey to collect documents and take action, since the SMB did not have any documentary proof to evict them out from the premises.

It also alleged that the judgment and order passed by the High Court on February 15, this year directing “not to disturb the members and residents in any manner” was never challenged by the state government.

On this Tynsong however refused to comment citing that the matter is still pending before the Court, adding that the public notices were served because the government wanted to identify genuine settlers in the area.

“I fail to understand why these people are finding it a problem to give information. It only means that there is something wrong,” Tynsong said while reminding that the exercise is aimed at providing proper accommodation to genuine settlers since the condition of the place is unhealthy and congested.

“From the government, we are sincere enough and we are going ahead but after winning over these hurdles to ensure whatever step we take, it is done legally,” he added.

Earlier, the opposition Congress has slammed the state government for failing to resolve the matter even after one year.