Penalty for littering in Iewduh market

Shillong,Aug.31: The office of the Syiem and Dorbar Hima Mylliem on Thursday organized a Cleanliness awareness programme for the traders, shopkeepers, buyers and commuters of Iewduh held at Student’s Field, Jaiaw.

Speaking on the occasion, KHADC EM- Latiplang Kharkongor lauded the Syiem and Dorbar Hima Mylliem for taking this intiative as this is the first time in the history of Hima Mylliem to called for an awareness programme looking for the cleanliness of the Iewduh which is a sacred market of the Khasi people and also house the mythological Divine Assembly (Dorbar Blei Ba Ar).

He said that it is our challenge and a responsibility of each and every person who owns a shop and earns their daily livelihood from Iewduh market to conserve the environment and its surrounding.

Elaborating more, Kharkongor said, “Health values more than anything else and so we are trying our bit to keep all the traders and shopkeepers in the loop so that the market area does not come in violation with the environment protection forums”.
Kharkongor also lauded Sikkim for being the cleanest state in the country adding that if everyone takes the initiative it wills a good result.
“We have decided to impose heavy penalties against those littering in the market and if anyone informs us or pints out the violators he/she will be awarded half of the penalty or fined money,” Kharkongor added.
W.R Kharkrang of the State Pollution Control Board said that awareness programme is vital as per the Waste Management Rules; 2016.NGT is a watchdog for the clean and green environment.

Kharkrang said that the Waste Management Rules; 2016 state that the duty of the waste generator has to handle the waste he has generated. He also stressed on the fined imposed by the city Police if found littering, amounting to five thousand.

“Let us make a habit of being a responsible person in terms of cleanliness, so that the NGT will keep away from Iewduh – the rice bowl of the Khasi people who earned the livelihood from the market.

NGT was set up under the National Green Tribunal Act, 2010, for effective monitoring and speedy disposal of cases related to conservation and protection of environment, forests and natural resources. However, through the Finance Act 2017, the Central government altered the very foundation of the National Green Tribunal.
Iewduh or Barabazaar besides being the commercial hub of the state also generates huge quantity of garbage day in and out. The city is already burden with the problem of waste disposal and the landfill side is overflowing with waste.
“We all are aware of the NGT ban on coal mining and we fear that the NGT may ban Iewduh or impose certain restrictions due to lack of cleanliness and unhygienic conditions and so we have started a campaign to transform Iewduh to a cleaner and environment friendly market,” said Chester Kharkongor member of a traditional body, Hima Mylliem also Incharge Iewduh.

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