RSS is the main force behind NDA government: Mukul

Shillong, July 17: Chief Minister Mukul Sangma on Monday said that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is the main force behind the functioning of the NDA government led by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Speaking to reporters after casting his voting in the presidential election here, Sangma said, “The agenda of the NDA is something else because the RSS is the main force behind the BJP, whose work force at the grassroot are the RSS.”

Stating that the NDA government is not pursuing the agenda of a political party, he said, “The NDA government is aggressively pursuing the agenda of the RSS.”

The chief minister further alleged that Modi was bound to go by the diktats of the RSS, which he referred to as a “non-government actor”.

“Otherwise why will you have one Act which is to prevent cruelty to animal and how it got link to sale of cattle, cattle market,” he said.

According to him, constitutionally, the RSS is not mandated to put their agenda but from backdoor, they are pulling the strings.

“Putting their agenda into framing the rules, it means, there are some external forces that work and take control of various authorities in different ministries,” he alleged.

Meanwhile, Sangma urged the people of the state to understand the hidden agenda of RSS and insulate the society and community from such external forces. “There is a need to sensitize the people about the agenda of RSS which is the ultimate objective and only goal they wanted to achieve by being in power,” he said.

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