Govt land at old Umshrypi bridge to be used for police outpost

Shillong Nov 14: Meghalaya urban affairs minister, Hamletson Dohling on Thursday convened a meeting on the need to utilise an abandoned land of the PWD (roads) near the old Umshrypi bridge for police outpost.

The meeting was attended by police officials, deputy commissioner of East Khasi Hills district, PWD officials and Synjuk ki Rangbah Shnong.

Dohling stressed that the PWD land should be utilised by the government for operating the police outpost which is at present located at Jhalupara.

“The area about 2 acres is a suitable location for shifting the police outpost from Jhalupara,” the minister told reporters.

He said that the area of the PWD cannot be allowed to be claimed by the Cantonment, and this particular area should remain with the state government and utilise it for public purposes.

By having the police outpost on the old Umshyrpi bridge, there will be sense of safety and security among the people including residents of Lum Mawbah and Upper Shillong area who are passing through this area.

He also said that the police outpost at Jhalupara is not ideally located thereby causing difficulty for the residents from other places to visit including to go for filing of FIR and other requirements.

According to the minister, this particular area has become a den for anti social elements thereby bringing fear among the people who are walking through Umshyrpi area at night.

“Therefore this area of the PWD cannot be allowed to be claimed by the Cantonment. Enough land has already been in the possession of the defence establishment in the city, and we should utilise government land for the interest of the general public,” he said.

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