Women and children crime in Meghalaya more than Uttar Pradesh: Donkupar Roy

Shillong, March 7 : Blaming the government for its failure to give safety and security to women and children. Meghalaya’s crime rate is more than that of Uttar Pradesh, Opposition Leader Donkupar Roy said in the Assembly on Monday. Roy lambasted the ruling Congress-led government over the spurt in crime against women and children in the state. Referring to the rising crime against women and children, Roy said, “I was watching television the other day. A leader from UP mentioned that per capita crime in Meghalaya is higher than that of Uttar Pradesh.”Roy said this during the discussion on the matter by way of bringing amendment to the motion of thanks to the Governor’s address, which did not mention anything about crime against women and children.
“Let us accept the fact that the government has failed on many fronts. Rape cases are on the rise. Police arrest the accused, but they get bail and the case continues. In the end nobody is condemned by the court and there are many reasons for this,” Roy added. The opposition leader questioned the government about its promise to ensure as far safety and security to women and children. Roy pointed out that while cases of crime against women were 26 in 2001, it shot up to 183 in 2013 and there was a gradual increase in the graph for the last few years.
Taking part in the discussion, UDP member Jemino Mawthoh said in 2013, the percentage of crime against women was 23.14.Mawthoh said then Governor K.K Paul, while addressing the Assembly in 2013, had expressed concern over the rising trend.The UDP member said there are as many as 3,000-6,000 cognizable offences registered under the IPC.According to him, Shillong can be called the city of crime and sex instead of Scotland of the East in the context of various crimes, including flesh trade, drug abuse, illegal sale of liquor and theft, among others.Mawthoh also pointed out that there are mushrooming of guest houses and hotels which are used for flesh trade.

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