Shillong, APR 20: The breakaway faction of the disbanded Achik National Volunteer Council (ANVC) – ANVC.B has served a deadline to the Congress led state government till September 24, to implement the Agreed Text of Settlement, failing which they would burn the agreement.

In a statement issued on Thursday, former chairman of the ANVC.B Bernard Rimpu N Marak said that the Agreement with the government is a total failure as till today the implementation of the Agreement has not been monitored properly by the government.

“The Agreed Text with the Government is in a stand still ever since it was signed with very little development as Government did not take any interest in the implementation of the Agreed Text,” he said.

Stating that burning away the agreement is what the outfit is having in mind, Marak said, “We waited for so long and will continue to do so till September 24. After that if there is no development the Agreement will be burnt publicly as the government failed our expectations and disappointed the anticipation of our people.”

The chairman while accusing the government of making a mockery of the agreed text said that due to fear of the queries from the outfit, the government had failed to held meetings with the leaders of the outfit to review the progress of the agreement.

“Its going to be three years now and the implementation of the Agreed Text is a failure to us and our people. The State played with us by delaying and dishonoring the Agreement,” he said adding the State did not form the State level committee including ANVC.B to avoid the signatories of the Agreement in implementation of the Agreed Text.

He claimed that the list of 139 (ANVC.B) cadres which the State claimed eligible for availing the package is unknown to ANVC.B leaders as official communication of the selected cadres were never sent by the government.

“How can we accept blindly when the State refuses to be transparent. We fear some of our senior members may not be included and there is a possibility of division in the rank and order of our organization,” he said while informing that they have resolved to wait till their proposed list is accepted (which consist of a total of 210 cadres).

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