If non-NDA government formed, NPP will sit in opposition

Shillong, Apr 29: The ruling National People’s Party (NPP) said that it was ready to play the role of opposition if a non-NDA government comes at the Centre after the Lok Sabha elections.

“The NPP will play the role of opposition if a non-BJP government is formed. However we will see because we don’t know yet what type of government will be formed, but I am sure, it will be an NDA government (again),” he said.

Dr Kharlukhi made it clear said that the NPP would fight back if the BJP introduces any law or act that goes against the interest of the indigenous people of the North Eastern region.

“We have proved it even if we are part of NDA, and we have opposed the Citizenship Amendment Bill. That is why, we took a decision in the general council meeting that we will fight if the BJP brings back the CAB,” he added.

On the recent visit of the chief minister and NPP national president Conrad K Sangma to Varanasi during the filing of nomination of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Dr Kharlukhi said, “We are still part of the NDA, and all CMs in the NDA were invited. It is also to show our solidarity as NDA partner.”