KSU South West Khasi Hills urges parents not to send children to stay in people’s house

Shillong Nov 28: The Khasi Students Union (KSU) on Thursday appealed to parents to refrain from sending their under-age children away from the comfort of their homes to stay with other people to prevent any form exploitation and harassment.

The statement came following recent incidents of harassment against children, who are in the age group of 11-12 years.

President of the KSU South West Khasi Hills District, Forwardman Nongrem in a statement condemned the violence against children and said that such incidents are clear violation of human rights.

“We strongly urged the parents especially from the district to refrain from sending their children who are under age to stay in people’s houses even if it is not for the purpose of sending them for work,” he said.

Nongrem also lauded the Child Welfare Committee of East Khasi Hills, State Commission for Protection of Child Rights as well as the MLA of Ranikor constituency, Pius Marweiñ for their role in rescuing such children.

Allegedly, a woman at Mawlai assaulted the children who were with staying in her house.

The KSU leader also urged the people of the state to avoid sharing picture and identity of such victim children in the social media as this will not only affect them, but it is an illegal act.

According to him, the KSU SWKHD along with its different units and circles has also decided to soon organize a sensitization programme to create mass awareness on child rights in the district.