KSU threatens aggressive agitation against railway project

Shillong, July 17: The Khasi Students Union (KSU) on Monday said that it would attend the meeting convened by the State government to discuss issues related to comprehensive mechanisms.

Commemorating the death anniversary of U Tirot Sing infront of the memorial statue of the freedom fighter at Madan ´ewrynghep here, the KSU, which is spreading the protest against railway project, however warned the government of launching aggressive agitation if wrong decision is taken on the issue.
KSU president, Lambokstarwell Marngar said that the union would attend the meeting called by the government on July 19 but ôif wrong decision is taken, we will hit the streets and agitate in a more aggressive manner. If the protest leads to bloodshed, the chief minister Mukul Sangma and his government will take the responsibility.ö

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