Meghalaya Domestic Workers Union seek Govt. Assistance, affected by  COVID-19 lockdown

Shillong,Mar 28: The National Domestic Workers Movement – Meghalaya Region (NDWM-MR) andAll Meghalaya Domestic Workers Union (AMDWU) have expressed their concern overthe problems faced by the domestic workers in view of the COVID-19 lockdown In astatement issued here on Saturday, NDWM-MR advocacy officer W Kharsyntiew said,“It is sad to say that domestic workers who are at present burdened with atrauma of survival and fear of loosing their job are compelled to go andperform their regular duties at the employers house despite the strict lockdown order issued by the government.”  The NDWM-MR& AMDWU also appeal to the employers to understand the current situationand let the sector of the women workforce working as domestic workers alsoabide by the regulations laid down by the government at this hour where thewhole world is fighting against this pandemic.  “(We)also urge the government to look into the matter and at the same time ensurethat they are also provided with basic social security especially at this timeof crisis,” Kharsyntiew said. She alsoinformed that the organization has also submitted a letter to the chiefminister Conrad K Sangma on March 25, requesting for his intervention into thematter.  Appreciatingthe decision of the government to provide relief package to constructionworkers, she said, “We urge the government to provide free ration and basicincome package (to domestic workers) so that we will be able to feed ourchildren especially at this time of crisis.”