NEHUSU threatens to file FIR against Pro VC, Proctor of NEHU, Tura campus

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Shillong, Apr 10:
The North Eastern Hill University Students Union (NEHUSU) has threatened to lodge an FIR against the Pro Vice Chancellor and Proctor of NEHU Tura campus for the alleged racial abuse and criminal intimidation against the office bearers of the union.

“…an FIR will be filed against the Proctor of NEHU Tura for Criminally intimidating us and also against the Pro VC of NEHU Tura for racially abusing us,” NEHUSU said in a statement issued here on Wednesday.

The NEHUSU has also condemned the false allegation made by the administration of NEHU Tura campus.

The Union said with regards to the pelting of stones the NEHUSU was forced to confess to this act on the same day at around 6:00 pm, as the administration came in huge numbers and intimidated the office bearers of the NEHUSU.

“However, we would like to state that the Proctor of NEHU Tura campus warned us that if we venture out of the guest house in the evening then some unknown miscreants might ambush us or attacked us. Out of fear the NEHUSU requested the administration to kindly let us stay in the guest house for that night and we assured them that we would leave the very next morning,” the statement said.

“However before leaving the guest house the Proctor chased out the official members of the NEHUSU and ignored the plea and instructed the president to stay alone. It is only when the president cried and requested out of fear then some respected lady teachers intervened and requested the Proctor and PRO VC Tura to allow all of them to stay overnight,” it said.

The NEHUSU said the office bearers were also saddened and frustrated at the PRO VC of NEHU Tura, who came to the guest house and refused to shake hands by sating that “I do not want to shake the hands of your kind of people”.

“The NEHUSU felt taunted by this act of racial abuse and when the NEHUSU members inquired from him as to what he meant by “Your kind of people” he yet again taunted us by saying “I know your kind of people” and walked away,” the union said.

The NEHUSU further termed the allegation against the union as an attempt to shut the voice of the union which has been constantly fighting for students’ rights.

Highlighting the hardships of the students community in Tura Campus, the union said it is painful knowing that some departments conduct their classes in Boys Hostel and what is more painful is that the boys and girls share the same toilet.

According to one of the female students (who wished not to be quoted) she said that it has been uncomfortable and awkward to go through such a demoralizing situation.

Also the students of NEHU Tura Campus have to walk more than 20 kilometers to even avail basic stationeries for their academic works.

The Pro VC Tura, in the year 2017 has assured the NEHUSU and the students of Tura Campus to construct a stationery shop but after prior inquiry the Pro VC of NEHU Tura has denied any construction of stationery shops, it said.

The NEHUSU also questioned the Pro VC of NEHU Tura as to how a central university cannot even have just one stationery?

Meanwhile, the NEHUSU informed that it would also filed an FIR against labourers in the Tura campus for indulging in eve teasing against the president of the union.

The incident took place when the president was touring the campus when she was eve teased by the labourers on April 7, it said.

When she complaint this, the members of the union confronted the labourers and asked them to behave in a decent manner. “If the labourers were physically attacked by us then we demand the production of medical examination reports that will justify their claims,” the union said while stating that eve teasing is viewed as a serious issue and the union will file an FIR against these culprits.

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