Synjuk Ki Nongsynshar Shnong Nongthymmai Pyllun demands deletion of other tribes from ST list

Shillong, May 16: Traditional heads under the banner of the Synjuk Ki Nongsynshar Shnong Ka Nongthymmai Pyllun demanded from the state government to amend the Constitution (Schedule Tribe) Order 1950 to ensure deletion of other tribes from the list.

A delegation of the Synjuk led by its president Bantylli Nari met chief minister Conrad K Sangma at his official residence on Thursday requesting for his immediate intervention into the matter.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Nari informed that the chief minister has assured the delegation that the state government would examine the demand to amend the list of Scheduled Tribes before calling them for further discussion on the issue.

Quoting a Supreme Court judgment passed on August 30 last year, he said the Apex Court had clearly stated that a person belonging to a scheduled caste or scheduled tribe in one state cannot be deemed to be SC/ST in other state where he migrated for the purpose of employment or education.

Asserting the need to immediately review the Constitution (Schedule Tribe) Order 1950, the president said this is because the list of STs recognized by the state of Assam was also adopted by Meghalaya for the past many years.

“We therefore want that the other tribes which are not genuine indigenous tribes of Meghalaya should be deleted from the list as we also do not get the same benefit and privileges in their respective states,” Bantylli said.

According to him, the other tribes recognized as STs in the present list has taken away many of benefits of the genuine STs of Meghalaya which include employment, land, trade and others.

“People from other tribes which are included in the list share the same benefits like us where they don’t need to apply for trading or labour license from the district council,” he added.