208 cattle seized in Meghalaya along international border with Bangladesh

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Shillong Dec 26: The Border Security Force in its ongoing operations against cattle smugglers, seized 208 cattle along the International border in Meghalaya which were meant for smuggling to Bangladesh.

The operations were carried out on Wednesday and Thursday.

In view of the increased cattle smuggling, the BSF has intensified its vigil along international border and carried out a special search operation in Kuliang Forest close to the International Border.

During the operation, the force seized 164 cattle which were concealed in the jungle for smuggling into Bangladesh.

These cattle were earlier seized by the BSF and auctioned close to the border and were again recycled for smuggling into Bangladesh.

The BSF troops on the same day seized 44 cattle during various other operations along the international border.

The total seizure worth Rs 32.7 lakh.

But the disposal of seized cattle is a headache and the auction process needs to be amended, the BSF said.

“In many instances, the seized cattle are not taken over by the authorities, in spite of accepting the seizure memo and the cattle are kept at the border out posts. The BSF troops are struggling in managing these cattle as there are no infrastructure,” the BSF said.

Presently, 1,327 cattle are kept in various BOPs awaiting auction and during the current year, 1,124 cattle have died due to poor basic amenities.

“In those cases were the authorities are taking over the seized cattle, the auction of these cattle is carried out very close to the International Border and the same cattle are recycled for smuggling,” the statement said.

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