Ardent asks MDA govt to clarify stand on CAA

Ardent disapproves Assam CM’s statement that Muslims and Christians were Hindus

Shillong, Jan 9: Former Nongkrem MLA, Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit has demanded from the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government to clarify its stand on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and sought to know what has prevented the State Assembly from adopting a resolution not to implement the Act.

Basaiawmoit also urged the indigenous people of the state to continue with their struggle and intensify their agitations against the unlawful and unconstitutional act.

“I would like to demand from the government to clarify on the matter and come up with an official statement its stand on the Citizenship Amendment Act. If the Kerela Assembly can adopt a resolution to not implement the CAA in its State what prevent our State legislature from replicating the same? The Chief Minister also needs to clarify his stand as the head of the government and as the President of his party leading the government on the issue,” the former MLA said.

The former MLA said that it is ironical that the NPP MP from Garo Hills supported the passage of the CAB in the parliament whereas the Chief Minister of the State who is the president of the party expressed his opposition to it.

He also pointed out that the South Shillong MLA Sanbor Shullai claimed to have strongly objected to the CAB and even expressed his willingness to commit suicide should the Bill be passed by the Union Parliament whereas the State BJP is now mobilizing support for the CAA.

He said that the people of the state should not allow the government to wag the dog. Basaiawmoit also recalled that the state has witnessed protests and agitations in the later part of 2019 in the wake of the amendment of the Citizenship Act passed by both houses of parliament.

He said there is no doubt that fear has gripped the minds of the indigenous people that this amendment will lead to a change of demography in the entire region and that sons of the soil will be reduced to minority in their own homeland. It has also led to unrest in the entire Country and the angst of the people is seen in every corner of the Country.

“While in different parts of the Country agitations are continuing against the Citizenship Amendment Act Meghalaya seems to be quiet. Is it because the people of the State are convinced that the government will implement ILP and that the CAA will not affect the indigenous people of the State,” he said.

Stating that this will be a huge blunder because Inner Line Permit and Citizenship Amendment Act are two different issues altogether, Basaiawmoit said, “I would therefore like to urge upon the indigenous people to continue with their struggle and intensify their agitations against this unlawful and unconstitutional act.”

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