Attempt to prevent burning of effigies leads to heated exchange of words between activists and police

Shillong, Nov 26: The attempt by members of ‘Save Hynniewtrep Movement’ on Saturday afternoon to burn effigies of Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma his Assam counterpart Himanta Biswa Sangma and Union Home Minister Amit Shah near the official residence of Chief Minister in Polo led to a heated exchange of words with the police.

The ‘Save Hynniewtrep Movement’ comprises of the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC), Hynniewtrep Achik National Movement (HANM), Jaintia Student Movement (JSM), Confederation of Ri-Bhoi People (CoRP) and East Jaintia National Council (EJNC).

The appearance of the pressure groups in front of Sangma’s residence took everyone by surprise even as there was heavy presence of security forces at the site.

When the protestors took out the effigies to be burnt near the residence of state’s the Chief Minister one of the police personnel present there tried to snatch of them which angered the members of the Save Hynniewtrep Mission.

The heated exchange of words nearly led to a scuffle between both sides but with the intervention of those present there matter were brought under control.

The members of the pressure groups wanted to know who had given instructions to the police and the district administration to prevent the burning of the effigies.

Later, after a discussion the effigies were burnt near the Orchid Hotel which is a little distance away from the official residence of the Chief Minister.

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