BJP claims to have enrolled one lakh new members in Meghalaya

Shillong July 30: An ongoing membership drive by the Meghalaya BJP has enrolled over one lakh new members so far.

The Meghalaya BJP launched the membership drive on July 6, with a target to enrolled two lakh new members till August 12.

State convener of the BJP for enrollment drive, Ernest Mawrie told reporters on Tuesday that the party has enrolled around one lakh members both offline and online.

Mawrie said in Meghalaya the party’s target is to enrol 3,000 members from each Assembly constituency under Shillong city and 1,000 members from each of the other constituencies.

Before the drive, the BJP claimed of having around 43,000 members. Mawrie said so far 20,000 members have been enrolled online, and around 30,000 members in Garo hills, 40,000 members in East Khasi Hills district, including Shillong city, and 4,000 in Jaiñtia hills have enrolled offline.

About one lakh application forms were also printed for offline enrolment, Mawrie informed.

He said that a person can become a primary member of the BJP in the state by giving a “missed call” on the toll-free number 8980808080 and follow instructions given in the message or opening the link http::// or through Narendra Modi app.

Mawrie also informed that active membership drive would be initiated from August 12 to 31.

“Any member who can enroll a minimum of 25 persons is eligible to become an active member and to be selected as state office-bearer in different capacity/responsibility within the party set-up,” he added.