Certain pockets of Indo-Bangla border in Meghalaya fence from zero line : Sangma

Shillong, May 22: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Friday informed the Assembly that in certain pockets of Meghalaya, the fence on the India-Bangladesh border has been erected from zero line.

“There are certain areas where fences have been erected on the zero line. These are mostly in Jaiñtia Hills sector,” he said replying to queries Independent legislator Syntar Klas Sunn during the Question Hour in the Assembly.

Sangma said that erection from zero line was made possible in some areas after India and Bangladesh signed an agreement besides discussions held between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

“After the agreement was signed and the 119th amendment to the constitution, exchange of enclaves and adverse possessions between India and Bangladesh took place. Meghalaya gained 1.43 Km through the exchange of areas under adverse possession,” the Chief Minister informed.

Furthermore, he said due to this land swapping agreement, Pyrdiwah and area of adverse possession, over which India and Bangladesh troops clashed is now inside the boundary of India.

Sangma said that fencing work is ongoing along the 444.857 km of border Meghalaya shares with Bangladesh. Out of this, 329.160 km has been fenced, and work is on in 46.970 km.

In 12.318 km, fencing is not feasible, and in 60.533 km there is no fence. Sangma said objection from certain NGOs and locals stalled the fencing work on a large tract along the border.

“It is a very complicated issue…things are now moving forward and once this final survey is done then most of the issues will be resolved and I think we are reaching more or less a final conclusion,” the Chief Minister added.