Chief Minister inaugurates Nongpoh Solid Waste Management Project

Shillong, June 13: Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma on Thursday inaugurated the Nongpoh Solid Waste Management Project in the presence of Urban Affairs Minister, Hamletson Dohling, MLAs and Executive Members and members of the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council.

Addressing the gathering, the Chief Minister, said that the government has been talking continuously about waste management and understanding the importance of waste management and disposal. “The government has come up with Solid Waste Management Policy. The project was started in 2007-2008 and the Chief Minister appreciated the initiative of the then government and the urban affairs department for having had the vision of understanding the challenges that come with urbanization.

He informed that the government was trying to ensure that all pending projects where significant investment has been made by the government, are completed so that the public will get the benefits from those projects.

The Chief Minister also said that waste management has to be looked at from the economic point of view as “the more we consume, the higher the GDP is, and everything is based on consumption.” He stressed that there has to be a balance between consumption and sustainability and ensure that the resources are used in a balanced manner.

“It is important to understand that we consume in a much more rational and thoughtful manner to have a balanced economy and a balanced ecology,” he said. He urged everyone especially young students that their efforts and each individual’s efforts in reducing and reusing can make a great difference in waste management.

He informed that the Solid Waste Management projects would be extended to other parts of the State.

Earlier, in his keynote address, Director, MUDA, E. Kharmalki, outlined the salient features of the State Solid Waste Management Policy that strives towards zero waste and creating a totally healthy, sanitized, clean and healthy environment by focusing on reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and remove.

He also informed that the policy emphasized on civic engagement and the involvement of the community in waste management, collection and decentralized value recovery. He added that the policy also encourages behavioural and perception change among the citizens.

Among others present and spoke during the inauguration, were Paul Lyngdoh, EM, KHADC i/c Town Committee, Jason Mawlong, MLA, Umsning, Mayralborn Syiem, MLA Nongpoh,Deputy Commissioner, Ri Bhoi District, R M Kurbah, Balajied Ranee MDC Jirang, and CB Syiem, Chairman, Nongpoh Town Committee.