Construction of border outpost by BGB at Dawki stopped

Shillong, July 2: Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui on Thursday informed that illegal construction of a border outpost by the Border Guards of Bangladesh (BGB) at Dawki in Meghalaya’s West Jaiñtia Hills district has been stopped.

“On being informed, I had immediately spoken to the BSF, who has taken swift action to stop the construction of the BGB outpost,” Rymbui told reporters after meeting a delegation from the Darang Elaka and headman of Dawki.

He said as per the agreement between the two countries, any activities along the Indo-Bangla border should be 150 yard away from the zero line.

“I have also told the BSF to be vigilant and ensure such incidents do not occur in other stretches of the border,” Rymbui said.

On the demand of the delegation to dismantle the structure, the minister said that the BSF has been asked to take necessary action.

“The BSF will follow according to the process but what is important is, the BGB has not been allowed to proceed with the construction of the outpost,” he said.

The Home Minister however said that the Meghalaya government cannot directly take up the issue with the Bangladesh government.

“As this is an international issue, it has to be taken up through the Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of External Affairs. However, the situation is within the control of the BSF as of now, but for issues considered as sensitive, the Centre’s intervention will be required,” he said.

Earlier, headman of Dawki, Mankhraw Ryngksai said that the delegation has expressed strong opposition against the illegal construction by the BGB.

“We also expressed surprise on the failure of the BSF to take action against this illegal encroachment of the BGB by constructing a permanent structure within our territory. We feel that the BSF should have objected against this,” he said.

He said in view of the inaction of the BSF, the delegation has sought the intervention of the minister. “We also demand the state government to ensure that the permanent structure should be dismantled,” he said.

“In view of this inaction by the BSF, we have submitted a memorandum to the Minister for his intervention and to the BSF as well. Though the construction works have been stopped, but our demand is, the state government should ensure that the structure is dismantled.”