Implement ILP for real protection of indigenous community: SNSBH

Shillong, Dec 13: Traditional heads under the banner of the Synjuk Ki NongSynshar Shnong Ka Bri U (SNSBH) expressed deep anguish and concern over the passage of the CAB in its present form in both houses of Parliament and the enactment of the same by the assent given by the President of India Ramnath Kovind.

In a statement issued here on Friday, secretary of the synjuk RL Blah said the CAB which was vehemently opposed by all ethnic minority groups of North East India though appearing to be humanitarian in nature, is but a law brought by the incumbent Government to grant citizenship to persecuted religious minorities of neighbouring countries without considering adverse impact of the same on the indigenous communities of the North East.

He said the exemptions provided under the CAB is a clear indication that the Government is offering only a lip service to the people of North East because any right thinking person can understand that mere isolated exemptions are good for nothing.

“The Tribal Areas of Meghalaya had experienced turbulent times since the inception of the 6 th Scheduled to the constitution of India while we were still under the State of Assam and after attaining state hood, where severe clashes took place as a resistance to the ethnic invasion experienced by the indigenous minority communities of the state. Hence the 6 th Scheduled in its present form has no teeth and cannot prevent influx and provide the desired protection to the

indigenous tribes of the State,” he said.

“The SNSBH is well aware as to how the indigenous communities of the other states of the North East were reduced to a minority due to unabated influx and Tripura is a glaring example. Therefore the SNSBH which is a conglomeration of the traditional Village Heads of the entire HynniewTrep community of Meghalaya feels that the urgent need at this hour is for the Government of India to walk the talk and cocoon the indigenous communities of North East as promised by the Union Home Minister in both houses of Parliament by exempting the entire region of the North East India including Assam from the purview of the CAB. It is also important to not only exempt the 6 th Scheduled areas from CAB for the above mentioned reasons but instead implement the ILP system for real protection of the indigenous ethnic communities of Meghalaya,” he added.

The Synjuk also expressed dismay at the support extended by the NPP MP Agatha Sangma to the CAB at the Lok Sabha which was contrary to the resolution submitted to the Union Home Minister signed by the Stakeholders of Meghalaya in which the MDA Government was also a party.

Blah said the Synjuk feels betrayed by the unwarranted act of the MP for reasons best known to her.

“It also appeared to the public that the act of the MP was orchestrated and it was all done in connivance with the State Government therefore it is pertinent for both the State Government and the MP to come clear on this and explain as to why they had taken such a stand in oppose to the Resolution sent to the Home Minister Shri.Amit Shah.

The SNSBH never in its wildest dreams expected the Government of the day both at the State and the centre to turn a deaf ear to the plight of the people of the state in particular and the region in general. Yet in the interest of the indigenous minority populace, as responsible citizens, we look forward to a timely intervention by the state and Central Government in this regard before the CAB is implemented,” he said

Meanwhile, the SNSBH appeal to all protesters to restrain from the path of violence as responsible and peace loving citizens .