Indian Army Kills five Pak supported Terrorists

Pic: file photo
Delhi, April 07, 2020:
Indian Army launched a daring operation at the Line of Control and engaged Pak supported infiltrators in a Close Quarter Battle in heavy snow, neutralising the entire infiltrating batch of five.

Four soldiers under the command of a Junior Commissioned Officer from one of the most professional Para SF Units were heli dropped near the LoC after information on the infiltrators was received. An intense hand to hand battle ensued and all five terrorists were eliminated.

In this battle, however, Army lost five of its best soldiers, three on the site and two more succumbed while they were airlifted to a nearby military hospital.
The IA Special Forces squad was led by Subedar Sanjeev Kumar and included Havildar Davendra Singh, Paratrooper Bal Krishan, Paratrooper Amit Kumar and Paratrooper Chhatrapal Singh.
Indian Army salutes the brave hearts killed in Action and shall continue to protect its borders from inimical forces at all costs at all times.

More details as follows: 

Additional Inputs/Kupwara Op/Keran Sect
Footsteps were first reported on early morning 1 Apr, however, extremely difficult terrain and inclement weather prevented any worthwhile engagement. SF troops were launched on 4th Apr. Main engagement took place on 5th morning.

The CQB on 5th Apr
-At first light 05 April, One squad, following the footsteps on the snow realised late that they were on a cornice…. It broke…. They fell into the nallah close to where the terrorists were sitting right there…. Led to a firefight / Close Quarter Battle at virtually Point Blank range….

Particulars of Soldiers who lost their lives in the encounter are as under:-
1. Sub Sanjiv Kumar R/o Himachal Pradesh.
2. Hav. Davendra Singh No. 13625231Y R/o Utarakhand.
3. Sepoy Bal krishan No. 13633013P R/o Himachal Pradesh.
4. Sepoy Amit Kumar No. 4093303X R/o Utarakhand.
5. Sepoy Chhatrapal Singh No. 1487156H R/o Rajasthan.