KSU asks KHADC to limit issuing of trading license

Shillong, April 18: The Khasi Students Union (KSU) has asked the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) to stop rampant issuing of trading license to non-tribal traders in areas under South West Khasi Hills District and Mawsyram block in East Khasi Hills District.

“We urged the executive committee to limit the issuing of trading license in these areas to prevent non-tribal traders from taking away the livelihood of our indigenous people,” KSU-SWKHD president Forwardman Nongrem said in a letter to the EM in-charge Trade Paul Lyngdoh here on Thursday.

Nongrem said the Union also urged the district council to refrain from granting trading license on trades which are being carried out by the indigenous people.

He further lamented that the provisions of the United – Khasi Jaintia Hills (Trading by Non-Tribals) Rules, 1959 have not been properly implemented.

“There are many such cases where such traders have failed to obtain trading license or renewing their licenses and there are also those who are carrying out businesses by using the trading licenses issued for a different location,” Nongrem said.