Liqour shop sells wine at high price

Shillong Dec 6: In an action that tantamounts to cheating, some liqour shops are still selling few brands of wine at higher price though the rate has been brought down by the government.

According to official sources, a wine by the name Jacob Creek was sold at Rs 1,715 (an old price) per 750 ml bottle by mentioning in the price tag ‘inclusive of taxes’ though the actual price of it has come down to Rs 1,280 per bottle (750 ml).

Sources said, the the wine shop that was selling the brand at high price, is located at Polo.

Surprisingly, the other liqour shops near this wine shop were selling Jacob Creek at Rs 1,280 per bottle (750ml).

“This is the only wine store that sells at the same old price, wheras nearby wine shops have started selling at Rs 1280 only. Such people should arrested, and why should excise people arrest only those who are selling liqour in black market. Such kind of wine shop should be closed down,” source said.