Meet on drugs problem suggests setting up of rehabilitation centres

Shillong Aug 19: A meeting that discussed about how to tackle drugs problem has decided to ask the State Government to establish rehabilitation centres to help victims of drugs, while demanding meticulous screening of the background of persons residing as tenants in the city.

The meeting which was convened by State Planning Board Chairman, Lambor Malngiang also decided to hold another round of meeting with the Social Welfare Department and make a visit to Mizoram in or to learn from the neighboring state how it has managed to control drugs problem which was once prevalent there.

Malngiang told reporters that the meeting was attended by police officials, representatives of Dorbar Shnongs, Churches and other agencies.

Urban Affairs Minister, Hamletson Dohling also attended the meeting.

Malngiang told reporters that during the meeting suggestions emerged that the state government should immediately set up rehabilitation centres in the state to rehabilitate drugs addicts, and house owners should thoroughly screen tenants who come from other states and other districts of Meghalaya to different localities of Shillong city.

Malngiang who represents Nongkrem constituency, has Madanrting area which always appeared in the news due to frequent seizure of narcotic drugs from alleged peddlers who stay as tenants in Madanrting area.

“It was decided that house owners should screen the antecedents of people who come from other states as well as districts of the state. Their records should be also sought from their respective police stations,” Malngiang said, adding that the list of tenants should be also submitted.

The meeting also suggested that policy on drugs should be implemented and the state social welfare department is preparing the policy.

“We will have another meeting with the social welfare department to specially discuss about the policy on drugs and how to further strengthen the draft policy and to also include in the policy the need to have rehabilitation centres,” he said.

On fresh survey to know the number of drug users in the state, as the last survey was conducted in 2009, Malngiang said that this matter would be also taken up with the government.

He informed that a visit to Mizoram was also discussed to understand how drugs problem was tackled though drugs problem was also high in Mizoram in the last few years.

Malngiang said that according to police, 31 cases related to drugs were registered so far this year.