Plastic rice not sold in state, claims Govt

Shillong, Aug 10: The State government on Thursday asked consumers not to panic over plastic rice rumours and claimed that such rice was not sold in the state.  

In a statement issued here, the government said that samples of rice alleged to be plastic rice in the brand name of Arham, collected by a local news channel were handed over to the Joint Commissioner of Food Safety, Shillong.

“The alleged sample of rice along with three other samples of rice drawn by the Food Safety officer randomly from the market were sent for analysis to the Food Analyst to  Bamunimaidan, Guwahati. The analysis reports of all the four samples have been received and are reported to be conforming to standards, and no extraneous matters were found in the samples of rice. Hence, the consumers in the State are requested not to panic on the rumours of alleged plastic rice,” the statement said.

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