SAD prohibits entry of items inside secretariat buildings without security check

Shillong, Oct 11: The Secretariat Administration Department (SAD) has prohibited entry of items inside the state secretariat buildings which were purchased by the employees through online shopping without security check.

A circular issued by SAD secretary, C.P. Gotmare said, “it has been brought to the notice of the department that many employees working in main and additional secretariat buildings have been purchasing materials/items through online shopping and the same were taken inside without any security check which invariably compromised the security apparatus put in place.”

Stating that the Meghalaya (Civil) Secretariat is a highly security zone, the circular said that scanning of online items is mandatory, and no parcel will be allowed inside the buildings unless they have gone through necessary security procedures.

“Henceforth, all employees purchasing online items if taken inside the secretariat buildings will be subjected to frisking/scanning by the security personnel. It is also advised that employees should provide their home address for delivery of the items purchased online,” the circular added.