State is yet to have complete preparedness for GST rollout, admits Meghalaya CM

Shillong, July 6: Chief Minister Mukul Sangma on Thursday said that the challenge after the rolling out of Goods and Services Tax (GST) would be to sensitize people including tax payers, dealers and traders about the new tax regime.
Speaking to reporters, Sangma said that efforts have been taken in this regard to ensure that the GST is implemented smoothly in the state.
“In spite of constrains, we will try to face all challenges during the transition period,” he said.
The Chief Minister however said, due to the Centre’s earlier decision not to wait anymore for rolling out of GST, the state governments has worked overtime to complete the process, but yet to have complete preparedness.
Asked whether the government will close down the check gates, Sangma said, “Everything which is required to be formatted as per the law will be done and effective mechanisms would be put in place.”
With regards to the compensation aspect, he said that the compensation cannot be assumptive as it has to be practical.
“It is now legally binding on the Union Government to compensate the state if there is any loss during initial transition of the Act. The losses, if any will be decided by the GST Council,” he said.

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